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you know what they say about relationships

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Was unwittingly sat like this for an hour whilst scrolling the swan queen tag

Guess the only difference between us is that I go giggling all the freakig way.

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Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if all my lesbian ships were cannon. Probably spontaneously combust. Maybe explode. Depends how I’m feeling.

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Inpired by this post (spoilers) : [x]

bonus :

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In preparation for the Battle Royale, Emma carries on the spirit of Operation Golden Dove Soaring Falcon Hot Mother Cobra (Scorpion?) in FTL…


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Emma’s magic/power/Saviour-ness, is inextricably linked to Regina. She can’t leave SB and save the whole world, she can only ‘save’ people/ undo wrongs, perpetrated by the EQ (effectively ‘saving’ Regina, from herself)… Emma couldn’t fight Zelena because that wasn’t Regina’s doing. She couldn’t do magic to ‘save’ Hook—she had to lose her magic from touching his cursed lips. Her power/magic only works when it is directly connected to Regina: Either correcting harm done by; Or combining with, Regina.
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Because it’s there. Because I see it. And I’m not going to dismiss it, simply because it’s not ‘canon’; because it’s not overt; because it’s not Main-text; because it’s not official; because its not confirmed; or, because the rest of the fandom dismiss it, as though it were an imaginary friend only the thespethial kids can see.
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Parallels, parallels everywhere! :P

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